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Our unique, community-based, financially independent operating model allows YVR to support people and organizations truly making a difference at the airport and in our community.

Environmental Investment

Wild Salmon: Now and for the Future

The Fraser River estuary, near YVR is home to one of the most important salmon-producing rivers in the world and is an iconic symbol of British Columbia. In partnership with the Pacific Salmon Foundation, we are investing in a future for salmon by supporting volunteers in removing tonnes of marine garbage from more than 20 different salmon estuaries surrounding the Strait of Georgia.

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The Pacific Salmon Foundation is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wild Pacific salmon and their natural habitats in British Columbia and the Yukon. With some of the most critical Chinook habitats right outside our front door, YVR is helping to ensure salmon have the wetland, marshes, and healthy estuary they need to live.  

You can support this cause by making a donation to the Pacific Salmon Foundation today.

Cultural Investment

YVR Art Foundation Masterpiece Study Program

At YVR, we are proud to connect people, communities, and cultures. We value our cultural heritage in BC and share this with the world every day through our tremendous collection of Northwest Coast native art. To support emerging artistic talent in the aboriginal community, we fund a scholarship and mentorship program through the YVR Art Foundation.

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The foundation also offers grants to artists of BC or Yukon Indigenous ancestry and residing in BC or the Yukon to travel to one of seven participating museums to research and study its collection of Indigenous art and artifacts.

Read stories featuring past recipients of YVR Art Foundation Scholarships and Grants, and learn more about the foundation’s work at

Investing in People

YVR & The Canucks Autism Network

YVR is proud to be a world leader in providing accessible airport facilities and we are committed to making airplane travel accessible for all. In partnership with the Canucks Autism Network (CAN), an organization that offers recreational programs for people on the autism spectrum in British Columbia, we developed I Can Fly with YVR.

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The I Can Fly initiative is a resource kit and video series to assist individuals and families living with autism. These resources can help individuals and families prepare for their upcoming trip and navigate the airport with confidence.

Covering the check-in process, security screening, boarding, and flying, the video series will walk you through the travel process from start to finish. The storybook is another visual tool designed with children on the autism spectrum in mind as it illustrates the airport routine by outlining each of the steps in the pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight process. On travel day, parents and guardians can use the Tips for Travel and step-by-step checklist to ensure they’re comfortable and prepared for the journey.

With these resources, we hope to enable individuals and families to connect and travel the world.

Travel resources are available at all pre-security YVR Customer Care counters and can be downloaded online.

Fly Calm

YVR strives to offer a positive experience to all travelers who visit our airport by looking at all aspects of the airport travel experience - from how we design the airport terminal to the customer care services we provide. In our commitment to provide the best possible airport environment for customers of all abilities, we partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association for the Fly Calm initiative.

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Fly Calm provides travelers with tips & tricks on how to reduce stress, anxiety, and uncertainty when navigating the airport and airplane travel.

Watch our video to learn about in-airport resources, such as our customer care counters, as well as our amazing Indigenous art collection, quiet areas, ambassador dogs, and prayer room. Explore our FlyCalm website and read about strategies to take charge of your stress. Before your flight, download or pick up a colouring book, designed to provide research-proven calming benefits.

With these resources, you have the power to start your trip the best way possible: calm.

BC Mobility Opportunities Society & Disabled Sailing Association

YVR teamed up with the British Columbia Mobility Opportunity Society (BCMOS) to offer people with limited mobility the chance to experience the great outdoors.

Since 2017, we have made funding contributions to support BCMOS in operating more than 100 accessible hikes in the Vancouver area each year. We also support the Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia in providing opportunities for people with physical disabilities to experience recreational and competitive sailing in fully accessible sailboats.

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