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YVR’s unique operating model as a not-for-profit, financially independent organization drives us to invest in innovations that improve your airport experience while also helping us keep costs as low as possible. That means a focus on developing new, made-in-BC technologies that are now in demand by airports around the world.

Automated Border Kiosks

No one likes to wait in line-ups, especially after a long flight. That’s why YVR is proud to have developed innovative systems to automate part of the Customs and border inspection process with a digital declarations system for international travellers arriving at the airport. 

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These kiosks are capable of processing four times more travellers compared to a single border officer, making the process up to 89% faster, helping streamline service, reduce wait times and create a more secure border, all while keeping costs as low as possible. Thanks to our unique operating model, we are committed to using innovation to make the YVR travel experience easy, accessible, and enjoyable for all.  

Self-Serve Bag Drops

YVR is committed to making the airport experience as quick and easy as possible to help you get onboard and on your way. Last year, we introduced a new self-serve baggage drop system that reduces congestion for passengers checking luggage. The YVR designed, CHECKITXPRESS system is accessible, efficient, intuitive, and nearly four times faster than the previous bag check system.

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The CHECKITXPRESS system means passengers can scan their boarding pass, get a luggage tag and then load the bag onto the conveyor belt all without the need to line-up to get the tag scanned by an agent. With an average processing time of under 10 seconds, the self-service bag drops work to get people through the terminal faster. This is just another example of how YVR’s operating model has helped make us a world leader in using innovation to create a better airport experience.

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